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Co-creators bringing clarity to ideas, transforming the digital world

Digital transformation is imperative, but few organizations are equipped to undertake the journey alone. We have unmatched expertise in IT and OT. IoT is in our DNA. Innovative thinking and building the future is at the heart of everything we do. We co-create with organizations around the world to accelerate their digital transformation and respond to dynamic global change. We bring the power of Hitachi and expertise to you.   

An innovation partner for the IoT era

Building the future through collaborative creation

As our world experiences disruptions and complex issues, we collaborate with clients and partners to deliver solutions that integrate IT, OT and IoT, enabling clients to transform their business and go to the next level in  making a positive impact on society.

Hitachi Outline 2016–2017

Tackling shared issues and crafting solutions
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Careers thrive here

At Hitachi Consulting, experienced professionals and new graduates from across the globe find rewarding opportunities to help clients across many industries make the world work better.  

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