Hitachi Visualization Suite

Integrate view of video and data analytics for real-time intelligence

For years, organizations implemented diverse systems to protect assets and people, creating unmanageable volumes of data. Hitachi Visualization Suite is a platform for public safety and commercial use which integrates disparate video and data sources — including third-party video systems, CAD/911 systems and license plate recognition — to enable alerts, analytics and visualization in a single view.

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Single platform for public safety

Mark Jules discusses how Hitachi captures and utilizes disparate systems in a city, including video and sensor data and integrating it all onto a single platform for the analyzing and sharing of information.

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Get a closer look at how Hitachi can help you aggregate data and use analytics to generate insight and provide full situational awareness for rapid response and improved safety.

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Featured industries

Hitachi Visualization Suite serves industries that require real-time information to maintain or increase security for people, properties and communities.

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Urban Modernization

Disruptive technologies are redefining urbanization, enabling organizations to turn challenges into opportunities. By applying emerging technologies to new and existing infrastructure, organizations can modernize facilities and networks, introduce innovative operations and promote better use of scarce resources.

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