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Digital transformation is rapidly reshaping companies and entire industries. Yet, Forrester Research states only 30% of enterprises use Internet of Things solutions. Hitachi Process Intelligence accelerates deployment by combining advanced processes and data analytics. We create a roadmap to speed transformation, which lets you measure every step using IoT-driven insights.

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NEXT 2017

Transformation Award Winner

Meat & Livestock Australia receives the NEXT Transformation Award for leading innovation in their industry. See how they are using cameras, sensors, data analytics and IoT to transform their industry.

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Success Story

Learn how to optimize process through new digital capabilities

Hitachi helps to deliver digital innovation in agriculture. By assessing current farm operations against best practices in digital agriculture, Hitachi reveals opportunities where data should and could be captured to enable more informed and agile decision making as well as uncovers where automation can increase productivity through smart agriculture technologies.

Driving digital transformation

Hitachi introduces new digital capabilities to an operational technology heavy industry.
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Hitachi Process Intelligence combines advanced process and data analytics to support IoT driven decisions for
industries that rely on industry benchmarks and data analytics to enable digital transformation and accelerate business performance.

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Smart agriculture expertise

Owen Keates
Director of Supply Chain

Hear how Hitachi is developing smart agriculture solutions that are improving farming processes around the world to meet the global demand for food.