Hitachi Optimized Factory

Smart manufacturing with continuous process improvements

Changing market dynamics require manufacturers to constantly improve operational efficiency and product quality while meeting new demands for customization. Hitachi Optimized Factory enables timely decision making through ongoing communications and monitoring of machines, people, materials and manufacturing processes. The solution aggregates OT, IT and IoT data and uses predictive analytics and machine-learning to provide actionable insights that can drive continuous improvement and leaner operations. 

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Maximize asset utilization with real-time insights

Innovate faster with machine learning and automation. Outpace your competition. It’s time to turn challenges into opportunities. Hitachi can help.

Success story

Daicel improves quality with early resolution of issues

Hitachi provides manufacturing insight to help Daicel detect operational deviations and reduce risk of recalls, among other benefits. With the development of an image analysis system, Hitachi is able to quantify the standard behavior model of workers, the status of equipment and materials, and anomalies such as deviations in worker activities or line equipment that may result in failures.

IoT and AI work together

Hitachi leverages technologies to reduce workloads, increase productivity, and improve quality.
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Hitachi Optimized Factory is most relevant for industries that manufacture products for consumers, businesses and public entities. 

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