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Optimize operations, conserve resources, and innovate sustainably

Hitachi enables you to sustainably reduce energy usage and associated costs through the implementation of smart IoT infrastructure and state of the art energy technologies at scale. Our solutions enable enterprise customers to reduce energy consumption and operational costs, optimize facility systems through IoT and meet corporate sustainability goals, all while measuring real-time performance. Hitachi leverages advanced digital technologies to yield energy savings under a single outsourced solution. 

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Apply Intelligence to Energy Management

Are you trying to keep pace with market trends, understand how energy is being used across your building portfolio and create a strategic vision for the future? Hitachi Consulting can help determine optimal usage of assets, optimize controls, enable predictive maintenance and manage energy at the enterprise level.

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Energy in the digital era

Energy is indispensable for all industries and is in the midst of the digital revolution as emerging technologies are becoming more cost effective and the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly. New disruptive business models are everywhere. Organizations are contemplating how to respond to changing markets and energy dynamics. At the same time, they are making plans to achieve performance targets that address environmental and safety regulations, reduce energy use and operational costs, lower carbon emissions and support overall sustainability goals. The digital era is opening up entirely new challenges and opportunities for energy.

The future is bright

Harness the power of IoT and data to improve facility performance
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Featured industries

Hitachi Energy Solutions are most relevant to companies with aging infrastructures and facility portfolios including administrative buildings, call centers, retail stores and technical facilities. It also applies to industries where lighting and HVAC technologies consume the majority of a facility utility bill.

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Bending the energy curve

An innovative and results oriented approach to reducing energy expenses
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Energy savings for tomorrow

Preparing for growth by identifying energy-saving projects
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