Hitachi Energy & Environmental Efficiency

Optimize operations, conserve resources, and free your capital

Hitachi enables you to sustainably reduce energy usage and associated costs through the implementation of smart IoT infrastructure and state of the art energy technologies at scale. Our solutions enable enterprise customers to reduce energy consumption and operational costs, optimize facility systems through IoT and meet corporate sustainability goals, all while measuring real-time performance. Hitachi leverages advanced digital technologies to yield energy savings under a single outsourced solution. 

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Network with industry leaders at a premier cable technology event

Hitachi Energy & Environmental Efficiency will be featured in the SCTE-ISBE Cable Tec EXPO Energy 2020 Smart Energy Zone area of the exhibit hall Pavilion as a solution that reveals innovative thinking about how to better manage expensive energy resources to keep cable competitive.

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Featured industries

Hitachi Energy & Environmental Efficiency is most relevant to companies with aging infrastructures and facility portfolios including administrative buildings, call centers, retail stores and technical facilities. It also applies to industries where lighting and HVAC technologies consume the majority of a facility utility bill.

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