Organization Effectiveness

Connect business strategy with employee performance

To stay competitive in the digital age, companies frequently retool, reassess and reposition their businesses. Yet, they typically focus only on process and technology, and not their most important asset – employees. Hitachi Organization Effectiveness solutions bridge the gap between business strategy and employee performance to deliver maximum business results.

Connect strategy to performance

To successfully manage digital transformation, cloud enablement, collaboration, knowledge management and acquisitions, organizations need to bridge the gap between strategy and employee performance.

Our approach

Strategies are only great when employees translate them into action. Hitachi assesses how employees translate strategy, and provides a process for creating a roadmap to achieve better outcomes.

The inability to achieve true behavioral change may stem from gaps in employee skills, ineffective leadership or poor collaboration. We identify root causes, develop actionable plans, and work alongside employees to coach teams through behavioral change.

Businesses are often unable to shift to more effective operating models. Our solutions identify cultural issues impacting employee performance.

Change is inevitable. Companies that successfully progress through transition, keep a focus on employees as much as process and technology. Using proven organizational change management methodology, Hitachi accelerates the pace of change for improved alignment and performance.

To achieve optimal performance, Hitachi develops and effectuates structures which support evolving business strategies. A well-designed, fully-realized organizational structure gives employees a blueprint to navigate their organization to maximize productivity.