Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Hitachi Consulting is committed to doing business the right way. We enjoy the privilege of conducting business worldwide, but that privilege carries with it certain responsibilities. As we continue to grow in global markets, the effectiveness of our ethics and compliance program is paramount to fulfilling those responsibilities.

Adhering to our core beliefs and practices in ethical behavior, legal compliance and socially responsible corporate conduct, together with delivering outstanding services to our clients, is the foundation upon which we will continue to grow and succeed. The purpose of this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is to inform and educate our employees about the important principles which underlie all our daily activities.

Through the questions and answers and other examples provided, this Code will assist you in addressing situations you may face in conducting business on behalf of Hitachi Consulting. It also lets you know where you should turn to seek answers or guidance in such situations.

Observing this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is the personal responsibility of everyone at Hitachi Consulting. To that end, you are required to read the Code and acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of it.

If you become aware of any violations of this Code it is important that you come forward, and you can rest assured that Hitachi Consulting will not retaliate against employees for raising concerns.

If you have questions about this Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, you should contact our Legal Department.

Thanks again for all of your efforts on behalf of Hitachi Consulting and its clients, and please continue to do all you can to support and act in accordance with the Company’s culture of compliance.

Please read the full Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy here.