Urban Modernization Powered by Smart Infrastructure

Digital innovations are transforming companies and urban environments, opening up new opportunities for economic growth. Big data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) enable new capabilities for industries around the world. Hitachi has the expertise to implement and upgrade urban infrastructure, including building, networks and other assets.

Powering Smart Infrastructure

Leverage IoT and analytics to optimize resources

We are becoming an increasingly urban world. According to the United Nations, by 2050, 66% of the world’s population is projected to be urban. Urbanization results in larger cities, which create a new set of infrastructure requirements.

Innovative organizations see opportunity in urbanization, to build and manage infrastructure in a sustainable way. They want to make urban environments smarter and safer—to increase operational efficiency, lower costs and promote better use of scarce resources.

Hitachi has a unique heritage that applies directly to urbanization. We combine OT, IT and IoT to deliver smart infrastructure and apply disruptive technology to help solve complex urban challenges. Our solutions use IoT, advanced analytics, simulation models and video intelligence to identify patterns and optimize facility and network controls.

Hitachi Energy & Environmental Efficiency is a strategic portfolio energy management solution that leverages the Hitachi Smart Energy Platform to reduce energy consumption across the real estate portfolio. Hitachi Energy & Environmental Efficiency powers smart infrastructure by collecting data and applying analytics to optimize energy use and manage energy across a portfolio of facilities.

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Hitachi Live Stream is a flexible analytics solution to optimize network operations and correlate real-time and historical data from operational and business support systems. Hitachi Live Stream powers smart infrastructure by increasing asset uptime and availability through proactive monitoring.

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Hitachi Visualization Suite is a portfolio of software and hardware to make spaces smart and safe. The solution leverages video, IoT, analytics and AI to deliver insights and alerts, enable machines to automate tasks effectively and empower people to make smarter decisions. Hitachi Visualization Suite powers smart infrastructure by sharing data across disparate sources and providing better situational awareness.

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Hitachi Water Solutions is a holistic approach to water management that balances water availability, distribution and consumption and manages water more efficiently across the entire supply chain, from water use and reuse, production and distribution to collection and treatment. Hitachi Water Solutions enables smart infrastructure by reducing environmental impact and risks to operations and reputation with proactive regulatory compliance.

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Bringing Urban Modernization to Life

Hitachi leaders discuss how our solutions make environments safer, smarter, more reliable and sustainable. 

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