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Digitized, data driven and disruptive

The insurance industry is constantly undergoing change and the need for technology to help organizations remain competitive, improve customer experiences whilst remaining compliant continue to challenge Insurance companies. Marrying the various functions of an organization requires technology excellence and innovative ways to align this technology with business objectives, both of which Hitachi has consistently demonstrated across insurance companies of all sizes.

Creating Blockchain-driven Financial Services

Blockchains are gaining attention as a new platform technology for financial transactions, offering the benefits of lower intermediation costs with more transaction impartiality and transparency.

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Success Stories

Leading insurance company chooses Hitachi as Cloud migration partner

In order to maintain a high standard of customer service, one of the UK’s longest-established and most trusted brands selected Hitachi Consulting to guide them on their Cloud services journey. By embracing Cloud, the organization not only reduced the cost of IT, but also improved user experience and drove business productivity.

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Hiscox consolidates stakeholder information for profitable business growth

Hiscox’s UK, Europe and US operations were long time users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM but the company recognized the need to expand these capabilities to the Bermuda Head Office. Coupled with a requirement to improve and enhance the way in which business critical information was used, Hiscox chose Hitachi to ensure the implementation of a strategic solution that supported future growth.

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Hitachi helps global life assurance company implement Solvency II

When a multinational life assurance company embarked on their Solvency II program, it became clear they would need assistance with meeting the complex data requirements. With Hitachi's guidance, the insurers were able to overcome the challenges posed by the directive’s complex data requirements and implement a data architecture capable of meeting them.

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Optimizing support and beyond with Chatbots

Microsoft and Hitachi Consulting introduce the different types of Conversational User Interfaces facilitated by Microsoft Azure. Hitachi Consulting introduces how we have helped customers in various industries simplify requests, increase efficiency and improve customer engagement.