Our solutions help protect you from cyber threats, giving you peace of mind

The Internet of Things is increasingly connecting our world and opening endless possibilities. But it also opens your IT infrastructure to unprecedented security threats. Hitachi has the answer. We customize our comprehensive solutions to anticipate safety concerns before they happen, resulting in robust, multi-layer defenses that protect you today and tomorrow.

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Our security approach

Rigorous security requires continuous improvement. Cyber-attacks are increasingly diverse and sophisticated. Hitachi continually improves security for unique operations, organizations and systems. We customize solutions based on your business needs.

Safety and security in a single platform

Hitachi Visualization Suite integrates disparate data sources including video to enable alerts, analytics and visualization providing a single view and real-time intelligence. Cloud-based HVS aggregates data into a common, live operating picture, providing full situational awareness to support incident management and investigations. HVS uses analytics to search for correlations and anomalies to generate insight allowing for collaborative, rapid response and improving public safety.