Data is a strategic asset for your business.  Analytics extracts insights from your data and turns it into value. Hitachi helps you analyze your vast data resources to create the insights to transform your business. We offer a 360-degree analysis that helps different parts of your business make the best possible decisions from accurate, secure information so you can succeed in the digital economy. 


Analytics transforms your business fast

Gain strategic direction through data insights. Data-driven businesses are evolving faster than ever before. Data intelligence is in high demand. Our advanced analytics gives you predictive insights you need to compete in the digital age.

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Big data, big insights

Through the integration of sensors and connected systems in traditional industrial environments Hitachi is empowering organizations to make real-time decisions that reduce downtime and preventive spending.


Machine learning

Lumada is Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation.