Practical business solutions drive outcomes

Turn digital ideas into practical, scalable solutions to transform operational processes, improve customer experience and create new business models to drive innovation and growth. Hitachi helps you bring it all together, making it real so you can generate greater efficiency and deliver continuous, incremental value at every touchpoint of your transformation journey.

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DX Business

We transform business by improving operational processes, serving customers more effectively and creating new ways of doing business.

DX Organization

We transform organizations by empowering talent, managing digital change and making your organization more effective.

DX Society

We transform society by making cities and organizations smart — using digital to create innovative solutions to social problems. 

Six ways to transform your organization

Digital transformation can happen in many ways throughout your organization resulting in various benefits and outcomes that lead to growth, operational excellence, social innovation, data insights, organization effectiveness and a partner ecosystem to help you bring it all together.

Reaching new levels of efficiency

Organizations can achieve efficiency gains today that would have been unimaginable a generation ago. Improving efficiency and reducing operational complexity are top goals of digital transformation. One of the justifications for such a sweeping change program is that it drives measurable savings. Operational excellence (OpEx) also drives a host of other benefits, such as serving customers more effectively and streamlining the supply chain.


Spotlight on client success

Okuma Corporation Story

Okuma, a machine tool manufacturer, worked with Hitachi to build an advanced factory that could deliver mass customization. Hitachi built an IoT environment within the factory site. With this capability, Okuma now knows where all parts are on an hourly basis, including those moving between processes.

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Digital leaders post better numbers

By 2019, IDC estimates that 40% of all technology spending will be on digital transformations. A primary reason is that digital drives corporate growth. According to a Harvard Business School/Keystone Strategy survey, digital leaders generate better gross margins, better earnings and better net income than organizations in the bottom quarter of digital adopters. Leaders post a three-year average gross margin of 55%, compared to just 37% for others. Leaders also outpace slower adopters in three-year average earnings, 16% to 11%. And in three-year average net income, leaders have the advantage 11% to 7%.


Spotlight on client success

Hitachi helped online sports retailer Wiggle create a scalable and best-in-class digital platform that enabled its ambitious global expansion plans. With new analytical models and tools, Wiggle can measure and analyze their business in new ways, driving new insights and growth.

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Harnessing the power of data

You need real-time intelligence and seamless processes across your organization to serve customers better and grow your business. Data analytics creates new value by extracting insights from large amounts of data. Repeating analyses in short cycles allows organizations to further accelerate the speed of improvements and decision making, ultimately leading to significant innovations.


Spotlight on client success

Hitachi Rail is improving asset and maintenance efficiency, as well as production and safety, with a fully integrated asset monitoring and predictive maintenance solution that combines innovative data analytics, IoT and operations consulting in a single solution.

Meat & Livestock Australia received the Hitachi NEXT Transformation Award for leading innovation in their industry. See how they are using cameras, sensors, data analytics and IoT to transform their industry.

Global Investment Bank Solutions

This global investment bank created a 360-degree view of their customers to optimize sales performance. The solution delivers new insights by analyzing historical trading patterns and employing data mining algorithms to predict customer behavior and optimize customer engagement.

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Creating a more agile workforce

Digital transformation includes organization and workforce transformation as well. For long term success, your people, culture, leaders and teams need to be more agile, responsive and collaborative. Hitachi has deep experience in managing change, improving organization effectiveness (OE) and re-equipping the workforce for new ways of working.


Transforming the world through digital

At its best, digital transformation drives benefits beyond just one company’s bottom line. It also addresses significant social problems and environmental issues. Social innovation involves collaboration among entities and sectors, generating thinking on a global scale to create innovative solutions to social problems.


Spotlight on client success

Andhra Pradesh is the eighth-largest state in India. To deal with the impacts of severe weather and earthquakes, Hitachi helped the state develop a real-time governance center. It incorporates detailed disaster mitigation plans, integrates and displays real-time data across multiple organizations on a single control panel that enables quick decision-making to better serve the people.

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In the utilities industry, infrastructure failures can result in pollution incidents and service interruptions. Hitachi is helping South West Water inventory, integrate, value and prioritize data from across its operations. This enables predictive maintenance, intervening before an incident occurs.

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Collaborating with technology leaders

Working with an ecosystem of companies and vendors multiplies the power of digital transformation and enables more flexible and holistic solutions. Hitachi works closely with leading technology providers to help organizations translate technology into business solutions with the right investments and technology foundation to build upon.


Spotlight on client success

Hitachi’s major strategic alliances include Google Cloud, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. With our partners, we are creating digital solutions that are not only solving some of the world’s biggest challenges, but creating competitive differentiation for our joint customers.

As part of Taylor Wessing’s Cloud Transformation, Hitachi migrated apps in the data center to Azure, lowering space, power and cooling costs. Hitachi assisted with the migration from on-premises servers to Office 365, and simplified mobile device management.

FairfieldNodal's Success Story

FairfieldNodal implemented innovative technology that not only aligned with business objectives but also became the key enabler of company success in an increasingly unstable market. 

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Wolseley's Success Story

Wolseley improved visibility and planning of stock across the company’s entire supply chain. As a result they've reduced operational costs and created a more agile and competitive company.

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