Globalization, regulatory and policy shifts, and technology innovation are driving transformation across the natural resources landscape. How can organizations across the natural resources ecosystem sustainably grow their value? Hitachi Consulting addresses industry challenges with proven solutions built on big data and analytics, operational management and process intelligence. 

Hitachi compressors powering industry

Brazil uses a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) system for extracting undersea oil and gas to improve energy self-sufficiency. The driving force at the heart of the FPSO is the Hitachi compressor, which can help double the amount of oil recovered fom an oil field.

Natural Resources solutions

Hitachi Energy Solutions

Optimize facility systems and meet sustainability goals, while measuring real-time performance.

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Hitachi Predictive Maintenance

Leverage your organizations data to solve problems before they happen.

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Hitachi Process Intelligence

Accelerate deployment by combining advanced processes and data analytics.

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Hitachi Smart Cloud Solutions

Assess readiness, transform applications and architecture, and migrate to cloud service models.

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