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The journey to Smart Manufacturing

The age of smart manufacturing is here, aided by digital innovations such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, data analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing. Gaining greater control over your manufacturing and supply chain is more achievable than ever. Find out how Hitachi Consulting can aid you in your efforts to predict and prevent downtime, mitigate bottlenecks and defects, and position your company as a digital leader.

Industry raises its IQ

By breaking the journey to smart manufacturing down into a series of discrete steps or levels, organizations can build toward increased understanding, efficiency and effectiveness, leading to predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

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Where's the starting line?

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Five Essential Ingredients for Success

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Operationalizing Predictive Maintenance

It’s considered the leading use case for digital transformation enabled by the industrial Internet of Things, but the reality has fallen short of expectations. Learn about the blend of expertise required to deliver predictive maintenance success.

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The human element of digital transformation

While digital transformation is often seen as a technology initiative, the human elements that go along with it are just as important and can ultimately determine the success or failure of organizational change.

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The Power of 'What If'

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Becoming a digital manufacturing leader

A Harvard Business School study reveals that leading digital organizations receive better earnings, better margins, and higher net incomes. Take six steps to get on the fast track to digital.  

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The power of IoT in manufacturing

Hitachi is transforming the factory with solutions powered by IoT technology, machine learning and advanced data analytics. Explore the benefits of Hitachi Optimized Factory, Hitachi Predictive Maintenance and Hitachi Water Solutions.

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Hitachi Consulting Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

Hitachi can help you digitally transform manufacturing to reach entirely new levels of operational efficiency. We focus on helping you deliver measurable business outcomes: more customized products and services—faster, at lower cost, with higher quality and a reduced environmental footprint. We’ll work with you to co-create solutions that address your biggest challenges—from quality to mass customization, from water and energy use to enabling new business models.

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Enable strategic decision making with SAP for Smart Manufacturing

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