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Maximize operational efficiencies with leading IoT solutions

Drive significant gains in operational efficiencies across production, maintenance, quality, scheduling and logistics using predictive analytics, machine learning and advanced algorithms. Hitachi Consulting has worked alongside leading industrial manufacturers for more than 25 years, creating data-driven, industrial IoT solutions that improve performance, sustainability, customer relationships and competitive advantage. 

Optimize operations like never before

Innovate faster with machine learning and automation. Outpace your competition. It’s time to turn challenges into opportunities. Hitachi can help.

Lean thinking and integrated performance management

Create a fully capable, agile and motivated organization
which will consistently meet performance objectives even in the most challenging environments.

Point of view

Achieving the next step change in operational excellence
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Hitachi has more than 100 years of experience in operational technology and more than 50 years of experience in IT to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions for the Industrials and Manufacturing industries. 

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