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Innovate the future of healthcare and discovery through big data

New approaches and demands in healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceuticals make it necessary for hospitals, labs and related facilities to transform digitally in a competitive environment. Hitachi Consulting brings big data capabilities to institutions, organizations, practices and services that want to lead in the delivery of smart healthcare and better patient outcomes.

Hitachi and Frost & Sullivan have partnered to analyze the benefits that technology and Social Innovation are bringing to the healthcare sector, from enabling power patients, to integrating and advancing the digital transformation in health services. 

Enhancing care for diabetes patients

Diabetes Prevention Service in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Hitachi and the NHS collaborate to improve delivery effciency, patient engagment and accessiblity of the patient call center. 

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Proof of concept project for a diabetes prevention service
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Companies are focused today on digital transformation but struggle with meeting their goals.  Hitachi offers a portfolio of solutions that can help healthcare, life sciences, and pharmaceutical companies in making a step-change in their operational and technological performance and meet their digital transformation goals.

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