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As rapid change continues across all sectors creating new opportunities, organizations need to accelerate their digital transformation and manage that journey with agility and sound decisions. At the same time, they have to maintain regulatory compliance. While the majority of change initiatives fail, our clients’ programs are overwhelmingly successful. Depend on Hitachi solutions for growth and measurable results.

Hitachi Insurance Solutions

The insurance industry is constantly undergoing change and the need for technology to help organizations remain competitive, improve customer experiences whilst remaining compliant continue to challenge Insurance companies. Marrying the various functions of an organization requires technology excellence and innovative ways to align this technology with business objectives, both of which Hitachi has consistently demonstrated across insurance companies of all sizes.

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Focus on the customer

Real insights from the industry

See what Forbes Insights and Hitachi learned about the importance of customer-centric digital transformation strategies from financial industry executives.

Digital transformation in the financial industry

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Hitachi finger vein security

Join Peter Jones, Deputy General Manager for Hitachi Europe as he discusses how the veins in your finger could be the key to the future of security.

Blockchain-driven future

Blockchains are gaining attention as a new platform technology for financial transactions, offering the benefits of lower intermediation costs with more transaction impartiality and transparency. Create new services, business models and businesses, leveraging blockchain technology to lower costs, increase transaction impartiality and more.

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Success stories

Improving global risk reporting

Hitachi helps a global banking organization improve the way they manage investment risk across their organization.

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Insight through innovation

Hitachi develops a suite of powerful visualization tools to help a financial services provider gain better insight for accurate financial reporting.

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Enabling mobile risk analytics

Hitachi builds a highly interactive risk management solution allowing a global asset management company visibility into risk profiles from anywhere.

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Predicting customer behavior

Hitachi helps a global financial services corporation better target their customers to increase sales by leveraging customer data.

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Featured solutions

Digital transformation is a top priority for organizations today. Hitachi offers a portfolio of solutions to help you with your digital transformation journey. We can help financial institutions modernize their IT environments, while launching new IoT technologies to redefine customer experience and comply with demanding regulatory requirements.   

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