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Solution Architecture

Front and back office systems have become even more complex than historical norms—more integrations, exponential data growth, a plethora of new technologies. Our solution engineering capabilities help you best leverage modern architectures and technologies so you can meet the demands of constantly changing business needs.

Customer Care

Simplifying your customer's journey is the ultimate goal. Effortless customer engagement is directly correlated to satisfaction. Improved satisfaction and efficient operations lead to better business outcomes. Our experts can help you drive customer experience improvements to increase sales opportunities and customer loyalty.

Launch Management

Innovative ideas deserve outstanding outcomes. Back of the napkin and whiteboard ideas become real only when all facets of an organization drive together towards a common vision. When launching and operationalizing new products, leverage our expertise to expedite the returns that your executives expect.

Business Process

Business processes within your company astoundingly complex. Quote to cash, order fulfillment, and customer operations are just a few examples where a staggering variety of internal and external activities must be smoothly coordinated. Our experts enable greater efficiency, adoption, rollout, and ultimately drive better outcomes.

Programs & Projects

The magnitude of change in communications and media is like no other time in modern history. Project execution speed, quality and pragmatism is critical.  Our program and project management capabilities help you define, develop, and deliver a wide variety of complex business and technology initiatives managed to realistic goals.

BI & Analytics

Business intelligence & analytics drive insight and fuel innovation. Barriers are data cleanliness and older, complex legacy systems. Our business insights and analytics capabilities include a full range of services, from strategy through deployment, focused on data and analytics, IoT, cloud, mobility and technology convergence.

Network Services

When network suffers from downtime, or network facility and capacity management is misunderstood, the bottom line suffers too. We understand the risk & cost of network challenges. Whether your need relates to facilities planning, deployments or minimizing downtime with real-time monitoring and fault detection, our team can help.

BSS & OSS Support

Order management, billing, provisioning—all are part of the complex, dynamic and often unstable BSS/OSS environments supporting today's communications companies. Deep, practical expertise is essential. Business and operational support systems require a partner who is well-versed in more than just the happy-path. Whether your need relates to assessments and recommendations, implementations, conversions, billing platforms, or other BSS/OSS topics our team brings a wealth of expertise to your efforts.

Energy & Sustainability

Hitachi enables smart IoT infrastructure and state of the art energy technologies at scale. Our solutions enable enterprise customers to reduce energy consumption and operational costs, optimize facility systems through IoT and meet corporate sustainability goals, all while measuring real-time performance.

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