Inclusion and Diversity

Promoting inclusivity and collaboration through engagement

Embracing inclusion and diversity is a powerful catalyst for success. Hitachi Consulting is committed to an inclusive work environment where people of diverse talent and perspectives work together to solve the problems of tomorrow through social innovation. We value and embrace gender, race, religion, disability, nationality, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity and personal style.

Inclusivity through workplace engagement

At Hitachi Consulting, each employee brings a unique perspective and set of innovative ideas that help us achieve our business goals of delivering better solutions for our clients. This dynamic and multidisciplinary approach which values unique perspectives and experience is the best way to create solutions for the challenges of the future.

As a global company, we foster inclusiveness through workplace engagement to improve problem solving. Hitachi Consulting teaches a collaborative and open work environment to encourage communication and positive dialogue between our employees across the globe. We encourage our employees to engage via social forums such as group meetings, action teams and advisory groups to contribute opinions and ideas on business initiatives. Every employee is encouraged to provide feedback and to improve processes.

A culture of transparency and openness is a core value here at Hitachi. Employees regularly provide input on a variety of initiatives such as rewards and recognition, office design updates, educational opportunities and communication channels and protocols. Most of our employees have been involved in initiatives to improve a segment of our business. We also seek input across our client initiatives to increase our value to our clients. And, Hitachi Consulting facilitates employee representation in their communities by supporting various events and programs organized through their local offices.

Hitachi Consulting’s employee resource groups, like our Latino and African-American groups, support and encourage opportunities for our employees to foster engagement. These groups provide a community and strengthen connections as we mature into a globally diverse organization.

Women's Interactive Network (WIN)

The Women’s Interactive Network (WIN) enhances the ability of women to contribute to and be successful in our business. WIN promotes the open exchange of ideas, provides learning opportunities, and encourages meaningful connections through events and mentorship. Our group offers ongoing support to address the needs unique to women at Hitachi Consulting.

Employee Resource Groups

African American ERG

The mission of African American Employee Resource Group (AA ERG) is to provide a forum to enhance and support the recruitment, retention and professional development of African American employees at Hitachi Consulting. Additionally, the AA ERG works towards fostering inclusivity with programming that is designed to reach a wider audience.

Asian ERG

Promotes a strong, organized Asian community that brings value to its members and to Hitachi Consulting through activities that support both social and professional objectives while promoting its diverse cultures and contributions.

Latino ERG

The mission of Hitachi Consulting’s Latino ERG is to provide an open forum which enhances and supports the representation, recruitment, and professional development of Latino employees and others at Hitachi Consulting.


The goal of the LGBTQA ERG is to provide a forum which enhances and supports the recruitment, representation and professional development of LGBTQ employees at Hitachi Consulting. We want to empower members through collaboration, networking, coaching and education – providing them tools and resources to propel their careers. We also work to support Diversity within the company: helping to create, and then foster, an environment where we understand, celebrate and grow from our differences.

Veterans ERG

Hitachi Consulting deeply values Military Veterans' contributions to our country, our society, and our workplace. We recognize the valuable leadership and delivery skills they’ve acquired during their tenure of service as critical capabilities that translate to serving the needs of our clients and our teams.

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