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Define your skills with Hitachi Consulting. Working with more experienced consultants, you will have the opportunity to play multiple roles, apply theoretical learning and experience teams that deliver value to clients across many industries.

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Hitachi Consulting is a rapidly growing global company with a focus on attracting smart people and creating dynamic teams. We bring experience and leading edge technologies to client challenges and take pragmatic approaches to solving problems. At Hitachi Consulting you can learn core consulting skills and gain expertise by creating the opportunities of the future.

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Whether you are in Singapore or Seattle, Paris or Pune, Hitachi Consulting has great opportunities for graduates to begin their consulting careers. We believe structured training roadmaps, together with on-the-job immersion on client projects, is the best way to grow and refine your consulting skills. You will interact with leading edge technologies in practice, experience different functional areas and get a window into the diversity of challenges facing many of our clients. For them, the pace of change is accelerating exponentially, and we are building teams to face those challenges.

As a consultant, you’ll be exposed to a range of industries, processes and technologies – and each project will vary in duration, industry, location and role expectations. One project may focus on supporting the implementation of a highly complex IT system, whereas on the next you may help reengineer operational processes to improve efficiency. With each client engagement, you’ll experience unique business processes, organizational structures and technologies. In this way, you’ll encounter and conquer different business challenges and co-create differentiated solutions.

As part of a project team you’ll work on a specific part of a solution, and develop foundational consulting skills in the process. These core skills include client communication, analysis, solution building and development support. In every engagement, you’ll focus on learning how to consult through formal training and practical experience. We look for individuals who want to apply their education to help solve our clients' most challenging issues.

As a senior consultant, you already have professional experience and are ready for more responsibilities with our teams and on client projects. You’ll learn leading-edge technologies, gain exposure to different industries or solutions and apply your foundational consulting skills daily.

As a senior consultant, you’ll continue educational programs to support your growth and reinforce core foundational consulting skills. We’ll encourage, support and foster your leadership capacity, and equip you to co-create social innovation. You’ll supervise teams of consultants and perhaps even client personnel – and play a key role in ensuring the team delivers outcome-based value for the client.

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To know if you are a good candidate for Hitachi Consulting, consider these questions:

  • Are you interested in solving problems, large and small?
  • Do you enjoy learning on your feet to solve problems with innovative solutions?
  • Does working with multidisciplinary and collaborative teams energize you?
  • Are you flexible and able to adapt to the constant change in technology, business processes and industry disruptions?

Hitachi Consulting may be the place for you to begin your consulting career and expand your future.

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Hitachi Consulting fosters a collaborative work environment. We are committed to building an inclusive work environment that values and leverages the diverse talents and perspectives of our global workforce.

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