Hitachi supports employee growth

The number one reason our employees say they join and stay with Hitachi Consulting is our unique culture. We help our employees develop their careers by creating an alignment of functions with employee aptitude and experience. Towards that goal, we offer rich and structured on-the-job training as well as formal training opportunities. We support and guide experienced consultants as they pursue disciplines in which they want to develop greater expertise.   

At Hitachi, we ask all experienced hires to look beyond their comfort zone of expertise, to pursue education and growth throughout their career. Hitachi believes in nurturing our next generation of leaders from within, to teach a strong company culture. In return, we ask our employees to take on new responsibilities to stretch and grow.

Do you seek a challenging self-directed career? 

Innovative minds

Social innovation is core to our culture. We bring together the world’s greatest minds, leading edge technology, processes and expertise to co-create bold solutions.


Collaborative culture

At Hitachi Consulting, we hire individuals for their deep industry expertise, and functional or technical knowledge – but first we hire you as a member of our team.


Excel in your career with Hitachi Consulting