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A Note of Caution about a Fraudulent Job Recruitment

Please be aware that there are several individuals who are fraudulently claiming to be recruiters for, or employees of, Hitachi Consulting, but who are in no way affiliated with Hitachi Consulting or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.  These individuals typically send unsolicited e-mails from non-Hitachi e-mail addresses (e.g., AOL, to advertise jobs with Hitachi Consulting that do not exist. The “recruiter” then sets up a supposed interview with a Hitachi Consulting executive through a tool such as Google Hangout, which concludes with an “offer” of employment and is followed by a request that the candidate cash checks and purchase equipment to be used on the job. The communications are designed to look legitimate, with unauthorized use of Hitachi trademarks, photos and materials pulled from our external website.  

Some common signs that a job posting is a scam include: Request to cash fraudulent checks and monetary transfers; Correspondence from e-mail accounts such as Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail. Inbox; Misspellings and grammatical errors; Get rich quick language; Failure to list a specific location for the job; Request for Social Security Number or financial information.

If you receive any of these recruitment emails, please let Hitachi Consulting know by contacting our Director of Security, Tim Spelts, and file a report of the incident on the FBI's Internet Complaint Center (“IC3”) web site at  The IC3 web site also lists current Internet crime schemes at  Thank you for your support.

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