Accelerate your digital transformation

Drive innovative solutions to outpace competition and tackle disruptors

Digital capabilities turn big ideas into sustainable solutions

Experience a customized, digital transformation

In today’s dynamic digital environment, organizations must continually create new value—for themselves and their customers. Transformation requires an experienced, objective advisor. A catalyst for positive change with a track record of success. 

At Hitachi Consulting, our entire focus is on co-creating solutions to your biggest challenges, to help you imagine and accelerate your digital journey with a practical approach that is just right for your organization’s future. 

With unparalleled operational, IT and industry experience and the combined power of Hitachi, Ltd., a global technology and social innovation leader, we have delivered over $12 billion in business improvements to our clients around the world. And we can do the same for you.

Transform your business to thrive in a digital world

We partner with you to address your industry's biggest challenges and position you for success in the new paradigm. As a business integrator for the IoT era, we leverage deep industry expertise in OT and IT and Hitachi technology to develop solutions that bring the best of Hitachi. With game-changing solutions, including the Lumada IoT platform, Hitachi drives innovation and creates new business ecosystems for clients.

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The power of the digital enterprise

New models leverage adaptive business engines

Linear, top-down planning has lost its efficacy. Today and going forward, adaptive models driven by data, AI, and machine learning will enable businesses to test projects and maximize investments.

Engineering the New Reality

Create digital enterprises and realize big ideas.
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