Building software and smart products for the enterprise of tomorrow

​​​​Cloud delivery and IoT place tremendous pressure on the entire Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC). This challenge impacts broad segments of our economy - software companies, industrial manufacturers, automakers and any other organization that makes products that involve software. Customers expect rapid innovation in the products they consume. Product management wants to drive more frequent releases. Continuous development and integration are radically disrupting the world of DevOps. All of these challenges are against a backdrop of legacy code, deep-seated processes and financial constraints. And it’s all moving at an accelerating pace.

Hitachi Consulting’s Product Engineering Services team specializes in the entire PDLC

This allows us to deliver the process, technology and change management expertise needed to help product organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness. Hitachi is a pioneer in the industry – we were the first company to implement a “Software Factory” model more than 40 years ago. With our rich Hitachi ecosystem of services, products and resources, we’re a go-to-market partner that can deliver the expertise and process support to thrive and lead in your industry.

How Hitachi Consulting accelerates software product i​nnovation

  • ​Industry Foresight: Assess, define and understand market trends and competitive positioning to set strategic performance targets. 
  • Portfolio Strategy: Set portfolio mix targets, evaluate opportunities, and establish an offering roadmap to attain desired mix. 
  • Strategic Alignment: Align on strategic process area touch-points, innovation organization design, and execution enabling IT platforms roadmap. 
  • Process Improvement: Assess and align on innovation process scope to attain desired business results; identify and prioritize innovation process gaps and decide among alternatives on what improvements to pursue; design, develop and deploy streamlined process improvements. 
  • Organizational Design: Assess the current decision-making structure and design the recommended structure with vertically and horizontally aligned roles and responsibilities.  
  • Performance Management: Identify and prioritize innovation performance; design, build and execute a performance management program focused on improving performance through innovation.
  • Assess and Prioritize: Address technology gaps that need to be addressed to achieve innovation maturity goals.
  • Implement Integrated Capabilities: Leverage tech resources to support a sustainable innovation process 

​Let us partner with you to build your next innovation.