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Companies across many industries are concerned about reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, reducing their use of energy, water, and harmful chemicals and reducing waste related to operations and their product lifecycle. Hitachi Consulting is a pre-eminent consulting provider for Global 2000 companies who are intent on maintaining market leadership by improving their performance related to their goals for sustainability.

Environmental Sustainability Ensures Competitive Advantage  
Our customers, across a variety of industries, are feeling many internal and external pressures to ensure that their business is conducted in a more sustainable manner:

Operational Efficiency - This is the single biggest driver toward a sustainable business approach. Companies are realizing that by pursuing a sustainability agenda they can eliminate unnecessary costs and inefficiencies from their business making them more competitive in the market.

Raw Materials and Energy Costs - Raw material and energy costs have been rising recently due to market volatility. Reducing your exposure to rapid increases in commodity and energy prices helps meet profit forecasts.

Government Regulation - Regulations in many countries are requiring companies to report on and reduce their environmental footprint. Market mechanisms that place a value on carbon (such as Cap and Trade) are forcing companies to better understand and manage their greenhouse gas emissions.

Other Stakeholders - Industries are putting pressure on their suppliers to produce or distribute their products in a more sustainable way and provide evidence to support their actions. Consumers are becoming more educated and considering sustainability when choosing goods and services. Companies are finding that the best employees are considering a prospective employer's environmental sustainability track record when making employment decisions. 

Hitachi Consulting Environmental Sustainability Solutions Service Offerings  
Hitachi Consulting provides a variety of offerings through its Environmental Sustainability Solutions Practice. They can be performed in concert or individually:

Visibility/Management - Hitachi Consulting can help companies define and implement business processes and systems focused on collecting information related to key sustainability indicators, reports, dashboards, scorecards and trend analysis. These solutions can be applied broadly across many sustainability measures (such as a Sustainability Scorecard) or go very deep into one particular area (such as Facilities Energy Usage Monitoring). Companies with visibility into key sustainability indicators can determine where to make appropriate investments and evaluate where their existing investments are paying off.

Green Data Centers - Data Centers account for two percent of all electricity usage in the U.S., which is double the electricity usage since the year 2000. Along with other Hitachi companies, Hitachi Consulting can help define a green data center strategy and implement the required IT and facilities infrastructure with the goal of helping reduce expensive and unnecessary data center energy usage.

Supply Chain - Hitachi Consulting can also help define supply chain and manufacturing processes to be more efficient in their use of energy, fuel, water and other raw materials. We also help our customers implement the business systems required to enable these processes.

Collaboration and Unified Communication - Our services related to defining and implementing document management, enterprise search and electronic collaboration solutions can help companies manage and achieve sustainability goals such as going "paperless" and reducing employee travel. 

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