Why Focus on Data?

Data and analytics are drawing tremendous attention. The attention results from both their promise and their past contribution to social and business innovation. Hitachi Consulting has a strong history of delivering social and business innovation across the globe, across industries. While already a recognized leader across multiple market analyst perspectives in the delivery of data and analytics solutions, Hitachi Consulting is just getting started. ​

Our mission is to contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products. We believe technology is vital to driving transformation. At the same time, we recognize transformation neither begins nor ends with technology. It begins with genuine curiosity—a shared desire to explore new territory, the inclination to try new things, and willingness to endure the hardships that sometime accompany innovation. ​

Innovation, Business Insights, and Analytics

Hitachi Consulting delivers innovations that answer society’s challenges. Our talented team and proven experience in global markets aim to inspire the world.  We provide a full range of services focused on data and analytics, the Internet of Things, cloud, mobility, big data and technology convergence - all powered by strategy through deployment.

We invite you to take a moment to learn how Hitachi’s Business Insights & Analytics practice works with clients to define, operationalize and execute the strategies that deliver social and business innovation for long-lasting, transformative success.