The global transportation industry is continually re-inventing itself.

​​​​​​​​​The business of moving people and goods - by air, rail, sea, and road - faces unprecedented pressure to modernize infrastructure, increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and better service customers.

The twin trends of changing demographics and rapid urbanization place new demands on both public transportation and commercial travel. The continuing growth of e-commerce and development of complex global supply chains are challenging existing models of logistics and freight services.

We have the solutions you need.

​At Hitachi Consulting, our projects deliver sustainable outcomes, with fees often linked to the achievement of measured results. Our transportation industry solutions include:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Better Engineering & Maintenance
  • World Class Support Functions
  • Business Intelligence
  • Smart Transportation Hubs

We work alongside you.

​We roll up our sleeves and work together with you, from the boardroom to the "genba" - where the real work gets done. Our consultants will work on-site with teams in engineering operations, maintenance facilities, logistics hubs, network control towers, and service centres.

Our deep experience in the transportation industry is complemented by leading edge business intelligence, global technology alliances, and analytics capabilities, helping you to better understand and manage complex transport networks.

We are pioneers - from yesterday to tomorrow.

​Hitachi Ltd. has been delivering innovation and quality to transportation for over 100 years, as a pioneer in railway infrastructure, high-speed trains, and computerized safety, maintenance and operation systems. Today, as a leader in Social Innovation, Hitachi Ltd. engages in initiatives to develop infrastructure for "smart cities".

Through our collaboration on these projects, Hitachi Consulting brings advanced technologies and operational know-how to help re-invent transportation, enriching both society and the environment.

We Make it Happen. Better.