Business model transformation.

The Global High Tech and Software industry is undergoing a dramatic business model transformation.  Software products are shifting from on-premise installs to Cloud-delivery, and business models are shifting from perpetual to subscription licensing.  These shifts require fundamental changes in the way Software firms operate, impacting innovation, product management and development, back office operations and customer experiences.  High Tech manufacturers are bundling Software into their product lines, and adjusting manufacturing processes to be more responsive to demand patterns.

Innovate, prioritize, develop, bring to market and manage new offerings.

Hitachi Consulting helps High Tech and Software companies innovate, prioritize, develop, bring to market and manage new product offerings.  Taking Software products to the cloud and becoming more responsive to demand requires faster release cycles, product management improvements and evolution in the methodologies that drive development.  High Tech and Software firms must balance support and maintenance of legacy product platforms while investing in new business and product consumption models.  Hitachi Consulting helps companies navigate the complexity of these changes while improving time to market. 

Process and technology enhancements.

Software Subscription business models also require process and technology enhancements in the back office.  Moving from a perpetual license to metered or subscription billing introduces new challenges for the CIO and CFO.  The "persistence of complexity" created by pricing terms sustained across the life of the customer create challenges from a billing and revenue recognition/assurance perspective.  The burden of customer service shifts from internal IT to the cloud provider, and monitoring and managing renewals and churn are critical for sales organizations as they drive to more predictable revenue streams.  We make High Tech and Software company operations more "cloud-friendly" by evolving core processes and supporting systems including:

  • Quote to Renewal
  • Pricing, Billing, and Revenue Recognition
  • Marketing, Sales and Service. 

Hitachi Consulting helps global firms identify and measure the key levers that drive success.

Analytics in the world of SaaS are critical.  Hitachi Consulting helps High Tech and Software firms identify and measure the key levers that drive success, including:

  • Product Usage
  • Churn and Renewal Activities
  • Revenue leakage resulting from piracy and back office inefficiencies

Metrics are key for a SaaS business – companies can forge a tighter relationship with their customers by implementing the right analytics.  Hitachi Consulting understands the key performance indicators for SaaS, and can help you design the right measurements to capitalize on the new interactions you have with your customers. 

Hitachi Consulting creates a better consulting experience through our global footprint, High Tech and Software industry knowledge, and deep operational and product development capabilities. 

We Make it Happen. Better.