Health services around the world demand a new approach.

​​​​​​​​​​Health services across the world are facing similar challenges, increasing demand from growing and ageing populations and the cost of health care treatment increasing. The pressures to demonstrate cost effective delivery are huge. Against this background, key clinical and resource decisions and health planning needs must be informed by accurate, relevant, and integrated information across the care pathway.

At Hitachi Consulting, our team of industry focused experts believe a new vision of how to collaborate, share information and allocate resources. This can drive a more connected idea of 'wellness' and help through targeted treatment, connected care, and better prevention programmes.

We are helping deliver deeper insight, smarter decisions, and better care.

​We are able to deliver the focused local expertise relevant to each health economy, with the shared knowledge and investment of one of the world’s largest global companies. Hitachi Ltd has a long and distinguished track record of improving healthcare across the globe by both building advanced healthcare products and solutions and working with our clients to improve day to day health management.

Hitachi credentials in healthcare are unmatched.

​As well as owning and managing a number of hospitals in Japan, Hitachi, Ltd. expertise includes developing the latest in scanning and imaging technology, new approaches to optical topography, developments in elastography, high volume data storage and innovating new ways of delivering treatment for example proton beam therapy machines. Research into new technologies and approaches is at the heart of what we do as a business and we spend c$4bn per annum in R&D.

We Make it Happen. Better.