More changes are on the horizon.

​The next decade will continue to see more changes in the financial services industry. Factors such as globalization, regulation, commoditization, risk management, and service innovation are forcing fundamental transformations in how the market is served. As a result, the financial services industry is seeking new opportunities to improve core processes while raising customer service standards, increasing employee engagement, and reducing churn.

We provide bankable solutions for financial services.

​Hitachi Consulting helps financial services leaders to implement diverse strategies to design their "next generation" financial services through:

  • Strong organizational design
  • Distribution effectiveness
  • Customer service culture
  • Operational excellence
  • World-class management control
  • Strategic partnerships with private equity

Our private equity clients include a combination of strategic buyers , best-performing mega funds, and mid-sized fund managers. Working with us, they experience strong return on investment, with typical EBITDA improvements of 3 to 7 times their investment in Hitachi Consulting's services. Returns are achieved rapidly, with 80% of annualized improvements achieved in the first 6 to 10 months.

We are a strategic partner.

​Since 2002, our dedicated private equity mergers and acquisitions team has worked alongside investors, management, and on the shop floor itself to identify the best strategic fit. We work with you to create value that stems from within the organization.

Building on our broad experience in performance improvement projects worldwide, we can create a tailored service to support your private equity requirements at all the varying stages of the portfolio lifecycle.

We Make it Happen. Better.