The marketplace is experiencing profound transformations.

​​​​​​​​The emergence of new, low-cost energy and raw materials are creating regional re-alignments and altering global growth markets. Megatrends like e-mobility, nutrition, and health are driving portfolio re-structuring, as businesses position away from basic chemistry and 'upward' toward sophisticated new products. Innovative business models need to be adopted to manage the resulting operational and commercial complexities. It is a time of disruption, but also of grand opportunity for chemicals businesses to seize the moment and create long-term value.

We are well disposed to address these challenges.

​Hitachi Consulting is able to recognize diverse challenges to a business, convert them to opportunities, and generate sustainable business value for our clients. To do this, we have a position that is unique among both larger consulting houses and niche 'boutiques': the parentage of Hitachi, Ltd. with its vast resources, global reach, scale, and stability.

With consultants drawn from the chemicals industry, Hitachi Consulting combines deep-subject expertise with world-class functional consulting and IT skills, giving us immediate and exceptional fluency in your business language.

We are true and trusted partner-advisors.

Using our 'Closework®' collaboration model, we blend into your organizational culture, help to align it from 'shop floor to top floor,' transfer ownership of the solutions, and generate measurable, sustainable business value.

We make the chemicals industry better by creating sustainable business value, giving clients ownership of the solution, and providing an exceptional consulting experience.

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We Make it Happen. Better.