We are committed to Inclusion & Diversity.

​Hitachi Consulting is committed to building an inclusive work environment that leverages the diverse talent and perspectives of our global workforce. We value the unique background, experience and capability of each employee and embrace differences including gender, race, religion, disability, nationality, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity and personal style.

· As a global company, we understand, appreciate and respect the diversity of our people and foster a collaborative work environment with equal opportunity for all employees. Inclusion and diversity is a fundamental strength of Hitachi Consulting that adds value for our company, our clients, our suppliers and the communities in which we live and work.

· Fosters an environment of inclusion and diversity
· Recognizes the things that makes each of us unique
· Ensures that our business practices support the success and retention of all employees
· Maintains a strong linkage to our core values and business strategy

We support our Women’s Interactive Network.

​Hitachi Consulting recognizes that our success is enriched by the contributions of our women. Our global Women's Interactive Network (WIN!) promotes the exchange of ideas and provides learning opportunities, virtual and face to face events and mentoring to address the needs that are unique to women at all stages of their careers and their lives.
We provide events and learning opportunities on relevant issues affecting women, but as many of the topics we cover are relevant to both men and women, we encourage anyone with an interest in learning more to explore the network and everything it has to offer.

We promote inclusiveness through workplace engagement.

​Our employees each bring a unique perspective and set of innovative ideas that help Hitachi Consulting achieve our business goals. Hitachi Consulting’s collaborative work environment encourages open communication and frequent dialogue between our employees across the globe. We encourage our employees to engage in the business via forums such as group meetings, action teams and advisory groups to provide opinions and ideas on business initiatives. Every employee has the opportunity to provide feedback, and our culture of transparency and openness is one we value highly. Our employees provide input on areas as widespread as rewards and recognition, office design, learning opportunities and communications. Most of our employees have had a hand in helping improve an area of our business, as well as working to deliver value for our clients. Employees also actively represent Hitachi Consulting in their communities through various events and programs organized through their local offices.

Hitachi Consulting supports and encourages opportunities for our employees to engage and build communities through employee resource groups such as our Latino and African American groups. These groups provide a community for those with shared connections and continue to expand as we mature into a globally diverse organization.