Recent or Upcoming Graduate? Why choose us?

​​​​Whether you're located in Singapore or Seattle, Paris or Pune, Hitachi Consulting has great opportunities for graduates wanting to start their consulting career. As a fast growing company with a focus on attracting smart people with a pragmatic approach to solving problems, Hitachi Consulting is a great place to learn your 'core' consulting skills. We believe in coupling structured training with direct experience on client projects as the most effective way to grow and practice your consulting skills. Working alongside more experienced consultants, you'll have the opportunity to play multiple roles, apply theoretical learning in the 'real world' and experience being part of a team that delivers value to clients across many different industries. You'll get a taste of new technologies, different functional areas and the challenges facing many of our clients as the pace of change accelerates exponentially.

Are you interested in solving problems, big and small?

Do you enjoy learning on your feet?

Does working as team energize you?

Are you flexible and able to adapt to constant change?

Hitachi Consulting can be the place for you to start and grow your consulting career.

Joining in Americas

​At Hitachi Consulting we want to ensure your success by equipping you with the skills and experiences you will need to develop 'core' consulting skills. To accomplish that we have 'The Consulting Core' practice group for all campus hires (undergraduate or graduate) and those with limited consulting experience. As part of 'The Core', you will have access to a detailed training curriculum, career advisors to help you grow your network and of course, communities of HR professionals to make sure you're continually growing through each consulting engagement. The Core is more than a training or "new hire" program, it's a community that helps you transition from your college career to your consulting career.

Core Consultants work alongside our more experienced Consultants and Managers, and are given the opportunity to work across different technologies, industries and functions through each engagement. You get first-hand experience in different roles which will help you decide what type of consulting is the best fit for you. After a few years, Core members can specialize in an area where they are most passionate and want to build deep expertise whether that is in a specific technology or management consulting area.

Joining in EMEA and APAC

​As a Graduate you typically will be working as part of a project team delivering high profile business change and technology projects for some of the world's largest companies.

Within our structured Career and Performance Management framework we will work with you to tailor a personalized learning and development plan which will build upon your natural abilities and academic qualifications whilst giving you additional skills and the opportunity to start managing your career in the direction that's right for you.

You'll be given responsibility quickly and will be empowered to make decisions. We value the ability to work effectively as part of a team whilst taking personal accountability for delivering results.

During our selection process you will have the opportunity to learn more about the work we do, to meet some of your potential new colleagues and to understand what working as part of the global Hitachi group can offer.

We only hire the best so we'll also want to know all about you. Your aspirations. What interests you. What motivates you. And your achievements so far.

The selection process will be tough but we think you'll enjoy meeting us.

Please make sure you look at our openings and see what great careers we have to offer you!

Consultant or Senior Consultant


As a Consultant, you will be exposed to a variety of industries, processes and technologies. Each project that you are staffed on will vary in duration, industry, location and the expectations of your role. One project may be focused on supporting the implementation of a highly complex IT system, the next may be helping reengineer processes to improve efficiency. At each client engagement, you will be exposed to different business processes, organizational structures and technologies and with it, you'll face different challenges and learn about different solutions. As part of a project team you will be assigned to work on a specific part of the solution, developing your foundational consulting skills in the process. Those skills typically include client communication, analysis, solution building and development support. No matter what or where you are engaged, your time as a Consultant is focused on learning how to consult through formal training, and most importantly, with real world experience. We are looking for individuals who want to apply their education to help solve our clients' most challenging issues.

Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant we understand that you have a few years of professional experience and therefore are ready to take on more responsibilities both internally and for our clients' projects. Your ability to lead activities is something that we will encourage, support, and foster. Our Senior Consultants supervise teams of consultants and/or client personnel and play a key role in ensuring the team delivers value for the client. As a Senior Consultant, you may learn new technologies, have exposure to new industries or solutions, and will apply your foundational consulting skills on a daily basis. During your time as a Senior Consultant we will continue to support your learning to reinforce these foundational consulting skills.

Culture and Community

​As a global firm, we appreciate the importance of connecting coworkers and colleagues. Our local offices are the cornerstone of how we connect and network outside of projects. Local offices provide a place to work when you're not at a client site, training classes, team building and community activities. In fact, being active with your local office and peers is a great way to network, stay connected and most of all have fun with your fellow HCC colleagues.

At Hitachi Consulting we know that our clients are our first priority, but we also strive to ensure that our consultants have the opportunity to feel connected and involved. Our culture is strong– our employees around the world regularly state that the #1 reason for joining and staying at Hitachi Consulting is our culture and the people with whom they work. We take time to recognize those who go 'Above and Beyond the Call of Duty' to support our clients and each other with regular recognition events, and a culture of appreciation. We all work hard but know that working hard doesn't preclude valuing our team mates. We seek individuals that are focused, committed and results-oriented, but most importantly we value those who achieve their goals collaboratively and by supporting each other. If that is you, we are the Firm for you!