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Business Intelligence

Yes Prep Video
Watch this video of how Hitachi Consulting is helping award-winning Yes Prep to leverage Microsoft products to help link teachers and educators, in real time, to improve the learning process.

Gartner BIS Screencast
View the 2009 Gartner BI Summit presentation from Raytheon Missile Systems BI Manager Mark Westergaard as he details Hitachi Consulting's work with the company to create and mobilize a BI Competency Center.

Learn about Corporate Performance
Management from Sabre's SVP.
ABP Survey

For companies aspiring to grow, where to compete is just as important as how. Success or failure depends on how quickly you respond to today's rapidly changing market conditions and Business Intelligence and Performance Management (BIPM) solutions empower organizations like yours with the insight necessary to make better decisions faster.

If increased shareholder equity, profitable growth and industry leadership are included in your company's goals, then achieving superior program-level and project-level BIPM disciplines on the strategy-guided path to decision making is the only way you can truly sustain differentiated P&L performance.

You can't dominate an industry with a better accounts payable system, inventory control process or network infrastructure. However, if you are consistently more accurate, more timely, and more predictive than your competitors, you will dominate with improved products, channels, service, pricing, supply chain and workforce.

Hitachi Consulting, a recognized thought leader in BI, consistently delivers solutions that reduce costs, increase profits, improve efficiency, productivity and accountability, and provide the insight required to be successful. Our Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions address both your functional and cross-functional needs for:

  • Customer and Channel (Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service): Sell, market and support your products and services more effectively
  • Corporate Management (Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Strategy): Manage and run your enterprise more efficiently
  • Supply Chain (Procurement, Manufacturing, Logistics, Social Responsibility): Efficiently manage and optimize your supply chain

Learn more about our Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solutions as well as our knowledge and success with Business Intelligence.

And, if you need detailed examples of building reports, designing

report solutions and developing deployment strategies for interacting with various platforms, look for this insightful book, authored by Hitachi Consulting employees Paul Turley, Dave DuVarney and James Counihan: Professional SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (published by WROX).

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